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All the wines in the Wines With Attitude portfolio have been tried, tested and specially selected for their quality and taste. They are outstanding wines that offer good value; they are wines of character, wines with something to shout about.

Warming wines for Autumn

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The leaves are all of a sudden dropping off the trees and temperatures outisde are fast moving downwards. It's time to put aside those lighter-bodied wines from the summer and find something a little more warming for the autumn evenings.

The autumn mixed cases are out to help you with your selection. Wines for this time of year tend to be more medium-bodied, a little bit more substantial to complement the slightly heavier meals that we tend to eat. There's a case of reds, a case of whites and of course a case of reds and whites for those of you who like a wide variety of wines to choose from.

And as always these seasonal mixed cases are on offer.

Any questions? Just give me a shout.

Please note - I'm currently making a few changes to the website; this means that some of the blog pages in particular are looking a little bare as I reload the images. Thank you for your patience.


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Pegasus Bay ~ Chardonnay 2013

Pegasus Bay ~ Chardonnay 2013

£24.50 / bottle

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Bodegas Altanza ~ Lealtanza Rioja Reserva DOCa 2011

Bodegas Altanza ~ Lealtanza Rioja Reserva DOCa 2011

£19.75 / bottle

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Domaine Jean-Claude Lapalu ~ Brouilly Vieilles Vignes 2017

Domaine Jean-Claude Lapalu ~ Brouilly Vieilles Vignes 2017

£24.60 / bottle

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Coto de Gomariz Blanco Ribeiro DO 2017

Coto de Gomariz Blanco Ribeiro DO 2017

£19.00 / bottle

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