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All the wines in the Wines With Attitude portfolio have been tried, tested and specially selected for their quality and taste. They are outstanding wines that offer good value; they are wines of character, wines with something to shout about.

Feeling proud!

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I am going to take the liberty of blowing my own trumpet, not something I normally do but I am feeling proud almost exactly five years on since Wines With Attitude was set up. The latest testimonial from a brand new customer reads:

"Great attitude from this company! Lindsay went out and hunted down the wine I was looking for. Personal service; fast, responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I'm delighted to have found Wines with Attitude!"

I set up the business to provide great wine and great customer service and I am pleased to receive feedback suggesting that I am doing just that! You can read more testimonials on the right hand side of this page.

And the wine that I tracked down for the customer? It was Andreas Bender's beautiful Dajoar Zenit Riesling 2015.

You can read more in general about Riesling in my blog on the Riesling grape and its wines.


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Domaine Thibert ~ Pouilly Vinzelles AOC Les Longeays 2015

Domaine Thibert ~ Pouilly Vinzelles AOC Les Longeays 2015

£24.00 / bottle

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Andreas Bender ~ Pinot Noir 2016

Andreas Bender ~ Pinot Noir 2016

£17.00 / bottle

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Andreas Bender ~ Dajoar Zenit Riesling 2015

Andreas Bender ~ Dajoar Zenit Riesling 2015

£21.00 / bottle

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Can Rafols dels Caus ~ Gran Caus Tinto Penedès DO 2010

Can Rafols dels Caus ~ Gran Caus Tinto Penedès DO 2010

£21.00 / bottle

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